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In late 2004, avid beer enthusiast and 18-year homebrewer Tom Davidson, came to the conclusion that there were no homebrew stores representing the Northeastern areas of the great state of Maryland. He found it especially interesting that in modern times, Corporate America will set up two of the same coffee franchises across the street from one another to compete against one another, but yet it was a bit of a drive to get to the nearest homebrew store.


As a known face in the local and regional homebrew communities, Tom spoke with his future customers about what they would like to see in a new homebrew store, and what services would matter to them most. Amongst thousands of discussions on specific products, special hours and other requests, the one item Tom knew he had to carry was very clear: a foundational belief in exceptional customer service.


In June 2005, The Thirsty Brewer opened its doors in Baldwin, MD, serving local homebrewers in person and homebrewers the world wide over the Internet. Amongst its loyal customers, there is a strong sense of community and comraderie, of knowledge-sharing and true appreciation of homebrewing.